Montosa Case Study

Frutas Montosa was formed in 1982 and specializes in the collection, storage, processing and distribution of high value fruit crops including avocados and mangos. Frutas Montosa have a 76,000m2 facility just east of Málaga in Spain.


Montosa problem with old industrial concrete warehouse floor

Montosa deal with food products in an unprotected state, so hygiene is paramount and dust cannot be tolerated. In the past concrete floors would be coated with an epoxy resin to maintain a hygienic environment but these coatings had two major problems.

Firstly, the coating will peal and flake leaving the concrete bare in places which would allow the floor to dust and be problematic as repairs needed to be done, which would shut down the facility. Secondly, the floor would be difficult to clean, which for a food production company could not be tolerated.


Floor restoration

Montosa solution industrial concrete warehouse floor restoration

The BECOSAN® system has no such drawbacks. No toxic chemicals are used (in fact, the chemicals used meet HACCP safety standards for use in food industry) and floor preparation with BECOSAN® can proceed alongside the building's normal function. Additionally, the floor will not deteriorate like epoxy and will continue to perform for years to come.


Dust-proof floor

Montosa result dust-proof industrial concrete warehouse floor

Frutas Montosa have been delighted with the BECOSAN® system. Since finishing their original 1,500m2 they have have gone on to complete a further 8,500m2. They expect to continue converting epoxy flooring to the BECOSAN® system at Frutas Montosa.

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