Industrial warehouse polished concrete floor being serviced
Servicing an industrial warehouse polished concrete floor

Servicing Industrial Concrete Floors

How we can help you

Warehouse Flooring Solutions specialise in servicing and renovating industrial concrete floors. If your concrete floor is looking tired, scuffed or scrarred, or maybe you are repurposing a floor that has been damaged by bolts and fittings we can help. We are based in Perth, Western Australia and have the capability to work on projects across the state. We use and implement the BECOSAN® system and technology to give consistent results.

Warehouse concrete floor
Polished industrial concrete floor
BECOSAN® polisher

Who are BECOSAN®?

BECOSAN® are a leading manufacturer of systems for dust proofing, renovating and protecting industrial concrete floors. Their patented BECOSAN® system that we use is manufactured in Europe and is being installed on big industrial floors around the globe. It has been designed with the latest technology and is considered as a market leader for the treatment of old and existing industrial concrete floors.

The finish provided by their polished concrete floors and the ease of application make polished concrete a good choice for all types of facilities and uses: offices, dealerships, workshops, warehouses, factories, parking lots, shopping centers, logistics centers, markets, silos, etc.

Discover all the benefits a BECOSAN® treated concrete floor has to offer such as increased abrasion resistance, non-dusting and fast “return to service”.

Understand the process of how a BECOSAN® concrete floor is prepared and see which polished floor finish will suit your needs and requirements.

View case studies from some of BECOSAN®'s international customers. They found the BECOSAN® system that we use to be a perfect fit for their needs.

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