IBS Logistics Case Study
Case Study of IBS Logistics

IBS is an integrated logistics provider with innovative solutions for the entire supply chain from procurement logistics, to order management including invoicing, to product-specific storage, to distribution, to retail and end customers on a global scale. They operate a global distribution centre in Heek, Germany covering 15,000m2 with 20,000 storage bays.


IBS Logistics problem with old industrial concrete warehouse floor

IBS were expanding their successful operation in Heek and needed 7,000m2 of new concrete flooring. Like any busy warehousing operation, the flooring would suffer from very heavy forklift traffic leaving many tyre marks, scuffs and scars. They wanted the new floor to be very durable, easy to clean and with very low maintenance costs.


BECOSAN® treatment

IBS Logistics solution BECOSAN® treatment

Working with one of BECOSAN®'s partners in Germany, the new concrete floor was laid. After a 30-day curing period all micro roughness was eliminated from the concrete surface leaving a high gloss finish. The floor was then treated with BECOSAN® Densifier which significantly increased the hardness of the surface. The final stage was a comprehensive treatment with BECOSAN® Protective Sealer.


High-Gloss finish

IBS Logistics High-Gloss industrial concrete warehouse floor

BECOSAN® asked IBS Book Services what they thought of the finished result. They said,

"Because of the high abrasion resistance we have hardly any scratches and the dust free surface is very easy to clean. We use much less cleaning agent than in other warehouses. With epoxy coatings, after some years, the surface begins to peel or flake. This is not an issue on this surface".

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