Amazon Fresh Case Study

One of the biggest successes of the internet era is Amazon, the online store. The investment being made by them is huge and the speed of expansion is breath-taking with new cities being added all the time. One of those new cities is Madrid. Rapid take up for the services meant that demand for extra warehouse space was high.


Amazon Fresh problem with old industrial concrete warehouse floor

Amazon had rented warehouse space close to the city but the floor wasn't of sufficiently high quality for their needs. The floor was nearly 20 years old, crumbling and very dusty. Given the wide range of products being stored; food, drinks, sports equipment, toys, electronics and clothing, the floor needed to be abrasion resistant, dust proof and easy to clean.



Amazon Fresh solution BECOSAN®

Working with one of BECOSAN®'s partners in Spain, the concrete floor was ground down with diamond hard BECOSAN® discs to remove all micro roughness from the surface leaving a smooth finish. The floor was then treated with BECOSAN® Densifier which significantly increased the hardness of the surface. Polishing with finer grit diamonds gave the floor a high-gloss aesthetic. The final stage was a comprehensive treatment with BECOSAN® Protective Sealer.


Quality guaranteed

Amazon Fresh result BECOSAN® quality guaranteed

The surface has proven to be a revelation to the owners of the building who would like other warehouses to be given the same treatment.

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