Warehouse Flooring Solutions Additional Services

Additional Services

Joint filling

We use joint filling products by Hi-Tech Systems.

Hi-Tech Systems joint filling on industrial warehouse concrete floor

The benefits of the polyurea joint filling service are:

  • Floors are easier to clean as there is no space for dirt to reside.
  • Protects the edges of the joint from spalling due to repeated impacts from trolly/forklift wheels, thus, preventing repair work and down-time.

Non-dusting concrete floors

This is our entry level service for projects where budget and utility are the main considerations. We use diamond tools to remove any surface contaminants and roughness from the concrete. We then apply a densifier to the floor which increases the hardness of concrete whilst creating a non-dusting surface. The floor is then ready to use.

Scrubber sales

Ride on floor scrubber

For onward cleaning and maintenance, we have access to great deals for ride on floor scrubbers.

Please contact us for pricing.

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